BioWare Premium Module: Neverwinter Nights - Witch's Wake

BioWare Premium Module: Neverwinter Nights - Witch's Wake 1.1

Witch's Wake is the first chapter of a campaign made by BioWare
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Witch's Wake is another Premium Module made by BioWare. The module is available at BioWare's store and the money is used to maintain the community. Which's Wake is a great module, specially due to the sense of mystery in the story. Your character wakes up in the middle of a battlefield with no memory of who he is. You know who your prince is, but he is dying by your side, and he says "Tell the King that she is dead". Of course, you have no idea of who the king is, who "she" is, and who yourself are.

Along the way you have to battle several monsters and you meet the Night Hag, who seems to know you but doesn't reveal much. The narrative of the story, as well as the dialogues and the story itself are excellent. The main problem with this module is that it is just the first chapter of a larger campaign. As such, your questions are left unanswered and this all serves as a setting for the next part of the story. It is worth buying it, especially since it is bundled with ShadowGuard, making the price of 4.99 for both a bargain.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Great storyline and good quality of the module


  • Just the first chapter of the campaign
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